Marcus Tillison

Introduction Blog, by Marcus Tillison

Hello friends & family I’m marcus deandre tillison I’m from Orrville,oh I’m 31 years old I’m born and raised in small town community all my life home of the great smuckers jelly company. I love to read write learn and feed my mind with knowledge. I feel you could never have to much education and success I have a story and I want to share it with the world. I know that I can help someone and someone can help me. I believe everything happens for a reason also I believe you never know when you might need someone from every angle in life. with that being said I’m ready to start my journey with you guys and women on the path to success I’ve been incarcerated since 10/26/16 and my appeal outdate can be as early as 8/20/19 , then a judicial release 3/26/21 then my max out date at the worst 10/23/23 with gods grace all things are possible. let’s build for the future and the next generation you can contact me at jpay my inmate number is 693-917 or write by mail:

Marcus Tillison #693-917
p.o. box 57
Marion, oh 43301

thank you sincerely

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