Caroline Peoples

Confinement Thoughts, by Caroline Peoples

I have fallen in love with the idea of life. Not this prison existence but true living. True freedom. How is it possible to accomplish this where I am in the state of mind in which I find myself. The freedom to use my voice to speak out in the face of injustices. The freedom to laugh and smile and its real not the laugh to keep from crying. The freedom to go to sleep without hunger bringing tears to my eyes. The freedom to fall in love. The freedom to hold someone. The freedom to be respected without fear motivating it. The freedom to be able to accept a compliment without feeling that it holds a.motive. The freedom to do what I love to do without having to explain it. The freedom to publish my writings without it being wrong. The freedom to sleep.all day If I wanted to. The freedom to want life more than death. The freedom to scream. The freedom to dream dreams where I don’t wake up in terror.
There are people who feel that I am undeserving of this freedom. There are people who feel that I do. I never hear from any of these people. So I keep all of this to myself most of the time and think of the freedom that I’ve decided to embrace as I hide it from all of those here who think it doesn’t exist.

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969

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