Marvin Burrage


I can remember my moms having a paper route in east Cleveland and all up and down cedar man that shit was crazy she would wake you up around 6:am in the morning in the dead of winter I got maybe two of every kind of clothes on me and every body got a street to pass papers out,the only thing I liked was when it was time to collect the money,they gave you tips and x-mas cards with money in them,some even ask you to come in for hot cocoa,so women would even walk around make asking all kinds of question like have you ever seen a women make I always said no and when I said that they would always want me to touch them and then they say don’t tell nobody and make sure you come back….in the summer delivering papers on cedar,that was the hoe stroll and I use to call them names and run between the house’s,one day when I was delivering papers I called this girl some names and I ran between the house’s like I always do but to my surprise when I went between some of the girls was waiting on me and man did I hollar at the top of my lungs while they took turns whipping me…but it didn’t stop me from talking about them,we lived on 102 cedar not the main street, everything happen on cedar,my moms also worked at the restaurants on the corner of a 101st and cedar and I think Leon and Jane Kennedy use to come over there,anyway moms will make us wash clothes at the laundry-mat,we would pop the slotes out that held the money,next door they sold chicken-wings for a quarter, when I stole money I would buy food,I don’t know why I stole to me it was the only thing I knew because that’s what I was taught, and being in the streets came with that,I can’t remember really being in school a whole year,I been in a lot of schools and I can’t remember all of them,but I do remember going to Empire Junior high I was in the 7 the grade and we lived around the corner from the school and moms would walk me to school,but she would also have to walk my lil sister and brother down the street to there school,so I’ll go in the front door of the school and out the back and go home and watch t.v I’ll set there and watch the howdy dooty show,then at 12 the prize movie,then I’ll leave and walk around and its time to go home,I remember one day at school and it was between classes and we was in the bathroom smoking it was about five of us on one cigarette hot box in it if you ever seen a cigarette with just a butt and a long fire that’s what it was and when the teacher came in everybody rush to get out and I am trying to get my last hit by the time I make it to the stairs I am dizzy as hell going up the wrong way and wouldn’t you know it there was a teacher at the top of the stairs come up the right way I was done I just sat down and told her I can’t move,also this is the day when I meet my dude Tiger,we got along good,I knew his walk from a mile away because he was boleggy as hell,from that day on we kicked it dam near everyday,we would go downtown me him and his brother Red and steal everything we could,we even tryed to pickpocket people when they catch us we would run,we stayed into everything,his moms was cool but she always knew when I ran away from home I don’t know how but she did,he had a lot of sisters I knew one liked me but I didn’t want to get into it with him over his sis,one day his sisters was sitting. in the bus stop this was when the bus stops was made of aluminum,anyway I think a bus hit it and trapped them in it,they was hurt but they was alive,and that remind me of another situation, my brothers was out in the back yard,it was Tony,Willie and Timmy and some guys from next doors,anyway my brother Tim did some drum shit,he pulled on his t shirt where it was away from his body and then dropped a match on it at first it was burning slow then his shirt went up in flames everybody was telling him to fall to the ground he running in a circle they tell me go get some water but I can’t move because I am watching the fire,finally they put it out but his chest is burned up and he had to go to the hospital, when moms came home they tryed to say I did it,he had to have skin drafts,man that was crazy,yeh my family use to do some drum shit my lil brother Eddie stuck a cord in is mouth while the other end was plugged in,that ripped the side of his lip apart,then my moms had a can of Pepsi filled with bleace he thought it was Pepsi and drunk it,next he stuck his leg in the oven and it was on fire fucked him up bad had to have skin draft,then he was running down the stairs full speed and ran straight into the class screen door cut his arm and shit up,yeh I did some crazy shit also,back then they had these wash in machines that had the ringers on them that you put your clothes threw and it squeeze the water out,anyway I put my fingers in it and they came back out,so I stuck my whole arm in it and it wouldn’t come out so I had to climb into the washer it was hurting but I couldn’t hollar because I would get a whipping, so the washer is running with me over in it and finally moms came to check on the clothes when she seen me in the washer and my arm in the ringer I think she was hollaring I don’t know all I know is when she got my arm out of there all you seen was white meat no skin,yeh back then it was easy to get into trouble so every time I turned around I was getting my ass whipped

Marvin Burrage
DOC #256209

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