Another Time, by Keith Bond Jr.

Can I have you like there’s no tomorrow?
Processing life escapen sorrow,
for me will you be fragile.
As a man I know what’s vunerable.
Because thoughts only hold time.
Its priceless to say you is a dime.
Whe you is beyond the words to mind.
Hoping I can seure your life.
In the distance of time.
There’s no reason to reject.
When you is feeling a vibe.
Wanting to hold you in my arms,
as you enulf me with your thighs…
Wrong life , Wrong Time..
My soul sighs along with my pride.
Stress doing time.
Loooking for beauty,
without lies.
Seeking a way to define life
preserving in a bind. chasen a dream
wishing it was reality in my mid……
Wrong Life , Wrong time

Keith Bond,Jr
DOC #537-103

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