Kalen Nielsen

Wrongly Convicted out of Fear! by Kalen Nielsen

Hello my name is Kalen Nielsen,I’m 46 years old. I was born an raised in Anchorage,Alaska. I have 2 adult children and 2 young children. I am a good hearted man and I love my children with my life! This case of :Wrongly Convicted Out Of Fear! This is a devastating experience on my life as well my family. I feel so extremely bad for everything that conspired. I was accused by a police detective (Mr Billy Mays) with a one track mind,then to find out he was being criminal in his actions all along. Being he verbally threatened me as well a witness in my case,then after7 days of my wrongful conviction, he made an announcement that he wished to run for Sheriff of Nelson county. But then he was convicted of”Willful Neglect of Election Duties and Fraud”The Fraud charge was dismissed but nonetheless he was facing a Fraud charge. This charge of Willful Neglect of Election Duties,is considered a ‘Moral turpitude charge”which is Lying,Cheating and Stealing”. After this Det.Mays receiving this charge I feel that the states attorney should’ve reopened all the cases that this detective was involved in to seek out if, he lied else where to make false arrests and cases against people? I am one of the cases that he lied against without a full investigation,that should’ve been conducted before accusations were made? This hurt my life with my children and the woman I was with along everyone I knew. I feel so wronged by this matter and when an attorney that was appointed by courts for me on this case (Mr.Brady Nicks) doesn’t work as he should for the best interests of a client ,just to get a quick conviction, is not really working on my behalf but the states. I feel I was used for political gain to make points for the Detective, Attorney, States Attorney as well the Judges? Why do I feel this way is because soon after my wrongful conviction the judges Michael Gamble and Kenneth Farrar retired, the States Attorneys Anthony Martin and Jerome Gress resigned. Then The Sheriff of Nelson county David Brooks,Det.Billy Mays and Lt.Det. Rebecca Adcock were indicted and convicted of crimes they committed. Well it doesn’t get better because soon after this the newly appointed States Attorney(Mr. Daniel Rutherford)that was the GAL Attorney against my case is now the new states attorney in the county of Nelson county, which to my case it’s a conflict of interest, so any complaints I made and could make are turned away because he doesn’t want to reopen my case which conflicts against his claims he sought towards me. So I’m facing a double jeopardy act against being I’m trying to let them know I’m innocent. Even the caregiver that was responsible for the factors of this whole ordeal tried to explain my innocence to a newly appointed judge in the county, judge Michael Garrett but because of the States attorney Daniel Rutherford being conflict of interest,they refused to listen to her pleas of exoneration for me. So I’m facing a devastating experience in this state of VA. Lovingston, Nelson county. I am really having a hard time because I’m missing my children, don’t have no way to fund a paid attorney and I feel I may have lost my family all over this devastating matter where a police detective was only wanting a conviction without any Miranda Warnings or completing a full investigation to in find out all facts before making a case on an individual. Even in the interviews the detective held there was nothing incriminating, but he still produced to file charges. I need help? If there’s any one out there willing to help please respond? The caregiver is even out there today trying to exonerate me. Thank you.

Kalen Nielsen
DOC #1612460

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