Albion Chryst

Spiritual Journal, by Albion Chryst

July 25, 2018

I love You

We are all human beings with unique gifts, talents and attributes in which we all express throughout our lives. Why is it that the system we have developed and live within based on a mathematical equation of our producable goods or talents to contribute for another? This system allows for the majority of the population to work for just their basic needs, and those with mathematical skills or born expertise in a talent to thrive. Should we not all contribute to each others needs first and foremost and worry about our sense pleasures and meaningless gratifications second? It is a question in which we have all thought and in our hearts wanted, but in some way or another justified that this system has worked thus far and we as a single individual cannot change. The compassion of our hearts has been muddled by the dogmas of society. Can we not unite to create a thriving place in which our minds and hearts can be fulfilled and our needs met with ease? Are the talents and expertise we have been training ourselves for not be used for the good of all instead of the good for a few around us? I believe we can become a unshakeable power in this world and unite for the love of humanity and planet earth, our home and nurturer. We can accomplish every technology and achievement in union with nature and mother earth. We have the knowledge to heal the planet, the knowledge to heal ourselves, and the knowledge to help everyone at once. At this point we will choose to thrive or struggle, to work for each other or work for ourselves, to share or to keep.

Every person is on a spiritual journey of enlightenment. Some take the straight path along the shores through the warm sand and glowing sun. Others take the rough and snowy mountain terrain with many risks of not completing their mission. Whether conscious or not we are continuing along this path and we are all headed to the same place.

“When functioning at a sixth-chakra level, people tend to be imaginative and creative. Living at the Ajna Chakra level makes it easy to find beauty and wonder in each moment, and personal meanings in cosmic knowledge.
In this state “one does not know Truth, but becomes truth” writes Kedernath Swami, a disciple of the twentieth-century saint Sri Anandamayi Ma. “It is an experience ‘in silence’ of Being. . . . In philosophy the death of the ego is the life of the soul. In psychology the falling of the ‘persona’ (mask) is the revelation of the real person. In both, the pseudo-self must disappear for the real Self to appear.”
-‘Awakening the Chakras’ by Victor Daniels, Kooch Daniels, and Pieter Weltevrede

To a close friend πŸ™‚
“I’m thinking of you saying ‘don’t forget about the small guys’ πŸ™‚ Jess said to me the other week. I am a small guy πŸ™‚ We are all small guys! I just took a little more risk and found out the reward wasn’t really there πŸ™‚ I didn’t do anything but dream. I got people to follow my dream and build. We are all the same. We can all achieve anything we want. We are unlimited. We can’t do anything alone. We need each other no matter what. There is no me, there is no you. We never stand alone. I want to build again. I want to keep dreaming. I am so grateful to have people who want to help. I am so grateful to have people who see my dream and dream too. I can’t dream alone, I need people to build my dream with me. I want to share. I want to love. I want to fly. I need people. We are never alone. We are one.
Love Richie”

Wet the crease
I sit back and watch the clouds
Every minute feels like eternity
Comfortable, at ease
Come and go, I see the crowds
Stain the pallet with serenity
Feel the breeze and take me away
Is this real or another dream
Smell the fresh herb
the feeling tends to keep me at bay
Drift into a lonely daze in a sunlight beam
As I watch the people bend the curb
I see myself in them all in the light of day

Love in morality seeks compassion in its wrongs and courage in its rights

As our consciousness grows, while we near the center of the galaxy, we begin to evolve. Our manifestion of thoughts, emotions and actions quicken and we transform into higher forms. Those unaware will destroy themselves and those aware will flourish. We will see our unity in the universe with nature and realize how it responds to our being. We start to separate as some believe and choose to open their eyes, and others keep the mind shut and turn away from our participation of creation. The natural disasters will grow stronger until those turning an eye are destroyed by their own existence. The ones working to transform will see this new light and be kept safe from their own darkness. At the point of turmoil the separation will end, and those left will find a new mother earth with open arms to share her gifts. We have a choice. We choose our course. We control our destiny. Awaken to your true power. Awaken to your connection with the whole. Nothing is seperate. Nothings is unused. Everything is one affecting itself. Blessed is the one.

I have to be helpful. I have to be kind. I have to be helpful. I have to be kind.

You have the control to thrive. You have the control to let go of the person you are and be one with the Absolute One. The only way to gain ultimate control is to give up all your personal control. To allow the All to bring upon all situations and be willing to accept its design. Your true self will shine and all will be given unto thee.

The metal becomes muddled as it leaves the crucible. The fresh water becomes dirty as it leaves the spring. The only true communication is lead to the experiencer. The mystic understands himself in another.

“Love everyone but do not depend upon the love of any one. Give everything. Take nothing. Serve every one. Do not care for service and gratitude in return.”
-A. P. Mukerji

Thank You

Albion Chryst
DOC #690741

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