Thomas Herbert

My Story Continued, by Thomas Herbert

He had thrown her out the house and rode off in her sister car. Her sister I knew was out on a job interview at a company I sent her to as I held a job there also.In response I asked her who had she called and told this to! She relayed to me that she hadn’t been able to reach anyone else yet. I then asked if she had called the cops. Which she hadn’t , in my mind I would assume that should be her first thought for such a crime. She was alone so I went out to be there for her in her time of need. She was my friend and thats what friends are suposed to do make sure you are okay when you need someone there. When we arrieved on the sceen the cops had finally been called and were on the job. I being who I am had to be sure that all the parts fit togeher. As I approached her speaking with an officer she was filling out an affidavid stating that this guy tried to have sex with her. This is not the same as rape so I had to find out what was the truth. I saw that the room was definitly screwed up. A windo was broken at the front of the trailer where her little brother had to enter in so they could get in the house. I soon find out that the victim in my case who I was also friends with was there so I knew then that if anyone could tell me what actually happened it would be him. At this point I would have left but again there were friends in need. AS no one had a working phone and no time to charge one. Mines was th only one working after hers died. So I allowed them to use mines as we followed them in search of her sisters car. We saw Adam ( the victim) at least three times during this excursion back and forth. The last time we saw him we had goe back to the trailer wher we were going to stay for a while but her sister came up with an excuse that she wasnt feeling well and needed to be alone. Passing Adam again my cousin asked me” hey there Adam is right there do you want to stop him and ask him now? “. I fell into a trance if you could believe that feeling that something wasn’t right. I hadn’t really answered him , but I was soon interrupted by the car door slamming. So I got out thinking I was going to talk to Adam. As I looked up once I got around the car walking into the field I ( I hate this part of this story because it’s just bad all together) . What I saw was my cousin ducking and and Adam swinging over his head. I can’t tell you what trnaspired here because I wasn’t looking. I know my next words were no not my cousin what are you doing . I tried to tell him we only wanted to talk. His hands went up , I swung thinking I needed to. I struck him twice , he fell. No more hit were passed .I figured alright we can leave him here for and he’ll wake up in a little while and then we can try and talk to him to tell him what was going on and hopefully he would listen. At the moment I knew he was on alot of drugs from the tell tell signs that cocain give off ( I hate this part because ppl see it like an excuse when it’s only the truth). Later i found out much too late that Adam had passed away and we were being accused of murder. They made it seem like we jumped him and as if we were just two vicious animals on th prowl. That was far from the truth , so I by firsthand account know what fake news is and it’s effects. I alos find out that my friend said that she told us to beat him up because he was lying for the sisters boyfriend. That was new to me. She did yell something out of the van when we stopped but it wasn’t clear to me what she was saying. My cousin says he didn’t remember hearing her say that either. Actually I can’t even honestly tell you what actually happened between the two of them when he approached Adam. I guess he will have to give you his own account.Now what should have been in my eyes knwing what I know a negligent homicide is considered 2nd degree murder. Later the courts will drop this charge down to manslaughter and offer me 40 years at the age of 23. 23+40=63, @85% that still leaves me coming home in 2043 on papers till im 63. Thats alot to take in when your finally getting things to come together in life. I was working a job in security, buying my first car, going to get my GED. After that I was already set up to enter into Bluecliff masage therapy college. My plans after that was to get a few more trades in computer programming, com tech, design. These trades would help me to eventually own a business since the world was then and is still moving fast into the technological eras of tomorrow. All that went down the drain. They would unjustly take my life from me for something I had no intentions on doing and who would listen to me. I was just some poor black guy with no way to get a real lawyer that would fight my case. Mrs Nancy Dunnings was no real help to me. it seemed as if she only wanted to help them convict me. They forced me to lie about what happened inorder that recieve an open endding cap plea bargin. I was hoping that the judge would see me for me and know that this was not right. To my surprise they called me a savage and claimed that I have been doing this and getting away with it so they had to give me the whole 40 years. There was no evidence to back this up. The only charge they had on my record was a misdemeanor from when I had just turned 17. We got them because a park official lied to police saying 9 ppl pulled her fire alarm after she told us to get out of the building which we we had left te bulding when she told us to. The fourth amendment if memory hasn’t failed me allows us the right to be treated equal. Should that not work even in punishments. If a man can stab a man to death serve 7 years and go free and another can bludgon another and get only ten . How can I get 40 for two punches with no leave way on my first conviction. Or how about the guy who laces a mans body with bullets ten burns the cadaver and only gets 23years. How is that fair justice? how many other ppl are there like me here? how long do we let this happen? –

Thomas Herbert
DOC #580116

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