Davin Wallace

Don’t Trip, by Davin L. Wallace

Found out this morning that the highly appreciated woman who helped with my pardon petition no longer works w/the parole board. I never had the opportunity to meet her face to face but the first time her name was mentioned to me, it was like I met her personally. I’ve had many people offer help & actually attempted to help me to be delivered from this 34yr. sentence, but its only a few I will argue unto I return home to my heavenly Father that God used them in my life beyond just opening a prison door. He has definitely revealed himself to me through those people for a greater purpose than for just one person or one class of people. Anyway I know God is with that woman & I pray He will continue to use & bless her wherever He’s taking her. Now in the natural of our/man’s own understanding & wisdom, her departure & the mess going on Capital Hill (in which I believe love, grace, mercy & forgiveness should be applied for each man who is experiencing persecution right now for acts committed so many years ago. I agree that we all should face judgement for our acts, but I believe these men should be given the benefit of the doubt to prove they are the good men we was just standing beside, but for those who have never committed a sin nor made a bad decision then I support you in continuing to throw stones.) Forgive me for getting off track. So, all thats going on will have many to be stressed, worried, anxious & doubtful. But glory be to God that by His grace I know we don’t have to rely on man, nor party or titles although I respect them. God has poured His Word into my heart to renew mind so that through faith I can walk in & stand on every promise of my Father. The power of deliverance, healing, prosperity etc. only is manifested & poured through the principles of God. As children of God we got to stay mindful that its the enemy’s job to distract us from what God is doing, so we can miss out. I’m telling you now this is an explosive year for our lives poured out from the spiritual realm, so don’t trip, We Great!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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