Daquan Barefield


WE(MEN)seem to be stuck in this habit with calling our women bitches,the most stupidest thing I’ve heard a man say since I been locked up is “when I call my girl a bitch its in a good way”.So I asked what exactly do you mean by that and he says”well for example wen I tell my girl you my bitch I’m not calling her a bitch I’m letting her know she mines or when I tell her like bitch I love you, I mean it in a positive way”.Even me being guilty of this in my inmature days I was mind blown hearing this. So I asked him you think your woman is honestly OK with being called a bitch even if your not intentionally trying to disrespect her?He responded saying”yea she know she my bitch she know wat it is”.So I asked him and you OK with your woman thinking she’s a bitch?He responded yea.So I sat and talked to this younger guy and asked him “would you rather have a Queen or a bitch”?He said “my bitch is my Queen”,I said “na bruh, see bitches bite and Queens protect, bitches walk on all 4 in front of you, a Queen stands on her own 2 and always has your back and stays by your side,bitches bow down an Tuck they tail, Queens stand tall with their head held high”.Then I asked him, “your daughter,do you wanna raise her up thinking its OK to be a bitch or knowing she’s a beautiful Queen?”He said a Queen,but I never looked at it like that, no one ever broke this down to me like that.”I told him “trust me I know cause I was you once, not to long ago but I broke my habit by calling women Queens even when one disrespected me or pissed me off,instead of saying bitch fuck you I started saying you still my Queen and your better than that we’re better than this,instead of saying girl you know you my bitch I started saying woman you know you’re my Queen and I love you”..Yea some mite think you’re putting on a front since they so use to you and your foul way of how you use to talk but stay down an stay true to yourself and they(women)will accept and love your change..Even thoe I’m single as of now I still greet and honor women as Queens cause that’s exactly what they are and IMA King.There is never a positive way of calling one of our Queens a bitch,so No More bitches And More Queens..

DOC #735200

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