Angelo Skipper Jr.

Help, by Angelo Skipper

people dont think at all, after awhile of being locked up inside these’s walls in a world of our own, I’m just now really looking at these’s fools.see has of now I’m horny as fuck,need to look at a mag and relieve myself,but I can’t because my mine is stuck on these’s fools when it shouldn’t. some dudes really need “help”

I don’t know what got into me.I shouldn’t even be worried about these’s fools, then again I have to because they affect me at the end of the day when I’m trying to go home……I knew drugs were powerful but I didn’t know how powerful… inside these’s walls drugs are so fucking powerful that they’ll let another man fuck them just for a lil head change, I call it a 30 second head change.shit that you couldn’t sale on the streets for five bucks.see ppl think just because there child or brother or whomever that was out there strung out get locked up that there safe…..nah its worst in here,while y’all out their busting y’all buts at work putting in over time and so forth to make shore yo love one in here OK,they still in here strung out doing whatever to get that fix….I just sit back and look at them,thinking to myself…. this is why they want let me out of prison… these’s fools are getting out robbing,killing and rapping,all because they were high.they coming back to prison after being home months and now serving crazy time when they just went home from doing five or more years.then when somebody like myself who has a plan once I’m home,because I’m in the position do to my folks having there own businesses and things of that nature I’m able to get a job, I’m able to use there connects that they have to even get a better job inorder to be successful, but ill never get the chance to get out early if ppl continue to get out and doing stupid shit,they fucking it up for the ppl who has a plan to live a productive life and strive for the best.alot of us inmates have learnt from our mistakes,but I tell them all the time…its not a mistake if you “Don’t” learn from your mistake.
those of you that’s been reading my bloggs notice that I’m not in my feelings about my female friend that’s been cut me off, so me thinking about how to change the way us inmates think is what’s keeping my mind off her lol saying that I don’t think about her daily
some dudes really need “help” and prison aint the help they need

Angelo Skipper #618720
po box: 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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