Keith Bond Jr.

Half Awoke (Part 1 The spirit), by Keith Bond Jr.

A barrell smoking with secrets deform by the wishes
that sleeps awake in a bloody sea
as love feast on the dead feet
like a leach…..
Screams echo from the pit forest by dreams
embedded from a prophecy
beaming relief to believe,,,,,,
From the black soil of a soul,
Coil , left to boil wrap in aluminium foil.
Shared in the streets shame by the whispers that preach…..
Bad memories painted endlessly .
Dreaming a thousand dreams
traced sheets gentiles greives…..
Hatred pave inside the heart Satan breaths,
as night dawn upon the holes sole into me …..
untitled harms thee
shades glooms trees
no sense of knowledge,
just blood stains mistake as figs on trees….
As the wind speaks
hissing through leaves towering the dandelions to ones legacy …..
The essence to one harmony.
The nature YU seek is casualties of war
caused by disillusion of ones mind
The tragedy bellow by a beast …

Half Awoke..

Keith Bond, Jr.
DOC #537-103

Categories: Keith Bond Jr., poems

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