Book Review, by Wayne Snitzky

Cabin Fever: The Sizzling Secrets of a Virgin Airlines Flight Attendant by Mandy Smith with Nicola Stow
I’m coming up on a quarter century in prison, so of course I live my life vicariously through others, and books. For me, that’s the attraction of memoirs like this. I don’t know any flight attendants, heck, I’ve only ever been on a plane twice, so the world of air travel is a foreign thing to me. Getting an insiders take on the life, well, that’s just interesting to me.
The book chronicles Mandy’s decision to join Virgin Airlines and her fun jet setting around the world for over a decade. It almost is more of a book about her sexcapades than work….almost. And I suspect that is how the book landed in my lap. I have friends that work in the Library who can order books from other libraries, real libraries with a proper collection. I suspect one of them saw “sizzling secrets” in the subtitle and was hoping for something a little bit more erotic fiction-y. It’s not. While Mandy does discuss, frankly, her trists, it’s just her sharing her story, not trying to titillate the reader. She is British, but maybe to us prude Americans her stories could come across as adult only fair. What her stories mostly reveal is how truly aweful the men in her life were, until she finally met her husband.
If you want to learn about some of the behind the scenes, life of a flight attendant, this book is for you.

Wayne Snitzky
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