Shara Cooper

Who’s Left! by Shara Cooper

Year after year after year of incarceration
Can take its toll upon anybody.
The stress. The anxiety. The energy.
All that finds way into someone doing time.

Emotions seemingly upon a rollercoaster
of highs and lows, ups and downs, twists and turns.
Incarceration can certainly break
the strongest man down to humble surrender.

Sure enough, many people start the ride
with radical love, support, and encouragement.
While others shy away immediately
resolving to pretend and ignore the one incarcerated.

The years go by indeed.
Time flies with no end in sight.
The many emotions definitely become real.
Many people eventually become just a few people to remain.

I can attest that those incarcerated
Spend much precious time crying over those that have left.
Sorrowful over those who have yet to get in touch. Feeling left behind.
Hurt that follows being dismissed and forgotten.
Finding truth to the statement “Out of sight, Out of mind.”

Those incarcerated will sadly come to the reality at some point that
Just a few people (if any at all) will stay
By their side and ride the waves of incarceration.

Truth be told, it takes an indelible strength,
amazing courage and a fierce fight to focus on those who are left.
Yes! Those that are still there after the many agonizing years have gone by.

Who’s left. Those are the “who” that matters.
Who’s left. Those are the few that are to be appreciated.
Who’s left. They are all that one really need.

Why cry and stress over those who have gone?
Why worry over those who didn’t hesitate to carry on?
Why not appreciate the “who” that is left after all the years spent incarcerated?

Who’s left…they are the ones that really matter!
Who’s left…they are the ones that I so love and appreciate!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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