Matthew Epperson

Nelligan Prize, by Matthew Epperson

I have just submitted my short story (Novona) into the Nelligan Prize for the Colorado Review. Well, I guess I should say my partner in crime Chris Sasko submitted it for me. God bless you dude! Anyways, because of Chris’s loyalty to my cause and support of my dreams, I will also try another award simultaneously with Novona– though I’m not sure. The announcement for the winner of the Nelligan Prize will be in July, so it will not be as long as the wait for the James Jones Award, which my blessed mother is submitting this week. I am a blessed man. And let me tell you, I haven’t involved myself in any competition as far as I know. Yes, that is correct. Never. It is exciting to dream about the possiblities. Though I’m more than likely far from winning any competition, I believe in my writing and I know from trial and error that others also like my writing. It’s fun to dream like this. Especially being in the circumstances I am under, it would be way cool to have a prized short story underneath my belt. I believe in my success as much as I believe in the short story’s success. Where can I fail with this type of faith in myself? Nowhere, I tell you. Even if I do not win this competition, there are PLENTY of others to try out. And then, there is also next year. =)

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Matthew Epperson
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