Antonio Powell

AFRAID, by Antonio Powell


Afraid………Yeaa that’s the word I want somebody to tell me its going to be OK when I’m really down and out and I’m going through it day for day,,,,Afraid I might lose those I love or they might walk away,,,I just want somebody to listen but even when I talk its like nobody hear me then I lash out now they say I’m crazy and they fear me,,,,,alone in a cell with no one to hold me,,,,mom say she love me,,,dad said he here but I’m by myself with nobody to wipe a tear,,,they say even in the dark its always enough light for the vision to become clear,,,,,saying random shit like I’m gone take my own life that’s funny because when I was just a child I tried that wit a knife,,,,then came about the noose mind getting weak and feelings went loose C.O’s picking shots like a game of Duck Duck goose,,,,15mins just to express the way that I feel,,,worried about this legal work shit like what if I don’t get my Appeal,,,Man I’m Afraid Drop down to my knees just to pray,,,but what if my tarnish soul can’t be saved this shit got me Afraid,,,,Constantly Being told I’m different and I’ve change My response is you sit in a cell 23 and 1 with nobody but you and see how you turn out you a be afraid too,,,,of what you become,,,,,Heart getting cold The ice getting thicker Intentions of the Devil my thoughts getting sicker paranoid I gotta watch my back,,,, EveryBODY Speaks gotta watch the way they React pretend to be Real when Really its an Act ……Damn I just had a moment I’m Sorry But I’m really Afraid of this shit


Antonio Powell
DOC #750-160

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  1. I’m learning that my feelings of fear are separate from the things I fear. That’s hard to remember when the feelings take over. I’m really sorry that you have to sit alone in a cell with your fears. I hope it’s okay if I send you a hug. You deserve it.


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