Tyreis Friend

A Cool Burn, by Tyreis Friend

My mood yearns to be swayed by you. As I am swept away by the way that you’ve paved my views. I catch chills at the thought of an idea when its tossed, sparking interest in an instant. Listening to the sizzling intents that’ll eventually freeze all action at the moment of its mention. I’ve noticed your coldest days and how it pays for you to be humble. As I soak in a potent array of the warmth in its beautiful struggle. Adversity is just another verse for me to compose. It breathes life into purpose that is perfect when it blows. What a cool burn. My soon turns into now as the past shivers away, quivering, trembling though no fear is in play. I thought I’d only love the summer you. Though when your winter enters, I marvel at how you lie under truth. Then I slowly fall for your heated approach as my spirit springs and sings from a place that’s seeded below. Feeling the low temperatures. Harmonizing with the scarred disguises that I mask no more. As I board the expressway of expression in an effort to move words. Thanks to the impression that was made by a cool burn.

When you realize that your hardships played the catalyst to fulfilling your purpose, its seen as the coolest burn. #diamondintherough

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975

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