Scott Mitchell

Starting Over, by Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell #A636258
PO Box 901
Leavittsburg, OH. 44430

Today is Friday April 12th 2019. Today is the first day of the rest of my life so I want to make it a good one. I want to announce to the world that I am now single and ready to mingle. I have spent my entire life being the person who gives his all in every relationship that I have ever had, and doing that has gotten me right here, right now. I want to keep giving my all, I just want to give it to someone who appreciates it and is willing to give back, at least a little bit. If you are, or know someone that would like to get to know a really decent guy, let me know. I’ve been locked up since I was pretty young and don’t have a lot of experience with LOVE, but I would like to. I also don’t have, what a lot of younger guys call “GAME”, and that might be part of my problem. Who needs “GAME” when I have a great sense of humor, and a really big heart? UH Me, I guess. So here I am again, alone, and willing to take a chance. Could you possibly be the person who is right for me? Do you feel like taking a chance and get to know a pretty cool, funny, and GREAT LOOKING guy? ( Ha Ha). I just want to meet someone who isn’t out to waste my time, or try to play games, or play me, someone who believes in being honest even when that is really hard to do. I want to find someone who can appreciate a guy who has made some mistakes in life, but has worked hard to learn from those mistakes, and not repeat them. I am someone who will make your life better by getting to know me as oppose to making it worse. I love sports, creative writing, and motorcycles. I actually love a lot of things come to think of it. I haven’t let being in prison harden my heart. I came here for a reason, and that reason was to become a better version of myself; meeting you might part of the reason I came here too (smile). I’m a guy who is a whole lot of sugar and a little bit of spice ( I wouldn’t mind getting spiceyer though lol ). I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by a single mother who had a great big heart and believed in giving everyone a second chance and also giving them your best. So here I am, waiting to give you my best (and a second chance if you make a mistake). What do you have to lose, right? You can write to me on J Pay or at the address at the top of this blog. I’ll be waiting.
Bye for now. Scott xoxo

Scott Mitchell
DOC #A636258

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