Isadore Barboza

Keeping me in prayer, by ISADORE BARBOZA

My day in court has finally come I go back to court the 12th of this month for my motion for a new trial (appeal) and I’m a bit nervous because Georgia has no problem convicting innocent men,I was found guilty of killing 7people with only one person in my case who died,(may God rest there soul ) but I had nothing to do with that crime, I’m hoping God continues to be by my side and ends this nightmare i,ve been living these past 6 years….
I would greatly appreciate it if all the pray warriors come together on my behalf and work out this miracle for me, God says in his word when two or more come together in his name he’s in the mist,so please let’s all come together on the 12th of this month,together were strong….
Thank you and God bless you all…..
Signed an innocent man,

DOC #1001655192

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