Michael Price

Black, by Michael Price

I’m what everyone use to say was bad…I’m what most want to be…I’m what comes before the light…In fact if it wasn’t for me no one would have light…I’m what I was born to be…I’m what God said will be the best at all that is good be it he or she…I’m in a space that you have to sit back and really focus… I’m not with all the smoke and mirrors and no I don’t deal in the hocus pocus…I’m the true day walker…you see the rays they heal and give life…but once the sun goes down those that don’t overstand they run duck and hide out of sight…I’m sure that we’ve all heard the saying the fear of the unknown…me I’m from a place of noble Kings and Queens and fear is not permitted anywhere near the throne…I’m a shade that has created a culture that has made others try to duplicate…my style and my grace shell be bottled up and handed out to all cause with me there is no expiration date…if those that do not know me would take the time to seek and not judge… then and only then will you see that I’m what started it all…Then The Most High said let there be light… so I sat back and I’m playing my part until its time for H.I.M. to say goodnight…who am I?..I am Black!
I would like to thank and give praises to two of my favorite black men that have helped me out with getting to know my people.Bro. Carter G. Woodson and Bro. Marcus M. Garvy… we should as humans take more time out to teach the youth the true facts of where they come from so they can create and build upon the roots of those before them! JAH BLESS!

Contact info:

Michael Price #A411-359
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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