Matthew Epperson

Seahorse Mansion, by Matthew Epperson

In a mansion on the outskirts of Orange County L.A., lived 4 women: Donna, Ms. Popa, Mrs. Montgomery, and woman called Grandma. These ladies lived harmoniously with each other for over 70 years. Through thick and thin, through the harshest of times, they have stuck by each other to bare one another’s burdens. Donna, raised in the mansion from birth, invited her high school friend Ms. Popa over at a young age. The two became inseperable, and by the death of Donna’s parents, Mrs. Montgomery, along with her husband Mr. Montgomery, moved into the mansion. Over the years the three ladies shared secrets and trials. All three of them became mothers to Mr. and Mrs. Montgomerys’ children, and they watched the young ducklings grow and mature until they all moved out on their own. Shortly after, the notorious Grandma moved in, and the four were like pillars to each other; until Mr. Montgomery passed away.

A mold forms in the corner of the parlor of Seahorse Mansion the day after Mr. Montgomery’s passing. A renovator comes and searches the house in its entirety and does an excavation of the fungus site. He warns the ladies that the return of the fungus is highly probable and that they should all take precautions so that the mold will not return. But over the years, the inevitable happens.

Times elapses and the mold destroys the house from the inside, causing the structure to experience atrophy. The renovator comes to safe the day, but in the end, the 4 woman must move out, bringing an end to the beautiful mansion.

This is the short story that I am working on. All of it is a metaphor for the destructive disease of Alhziemer’s. The four ladies represent my Grandmother, along with how the neurons react to plaques that destroy the neurons in the brain at the synapses level. The Mansion is called Seahorse Mansion because that is the shape of the hippocampus in our brains; which is where executive functions such as memory develope. I hope this intrigues you all and you all look forward to the completion of this project!

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Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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