Jeffrey Tobias

Black History Essay, by Jeffery Tobias

Topics to choose from (verbatim):

1. What effect would a Black woman President have on America?
2. How do you view Black leaders of the past versus Black leaders of today?
3. What can we do to steer our youth to a path of greatness and purpose?
4. What will it take to revitalize our inner city neighborhoods?


Black Leadership

I was posed a few questions regarding the state of African-Americans, in the United States, as a whole. After perusing all the questions presented, one question, in particular, stood out more than the others. “How do you view Black Leaders of the past versus Black Leaders of today,” was the question that caused me to have an epiphany. “Are there any Black Leaders today to make such a comparison?” Black Leaders of antiquity were plentiful and more conscious of what we needed as a People, while Black Leaders of today are scarce and self absorbed with their own agendas.
Black Leaders of antiquity were plentiful. I feel we will never see an abundance of Black Leaders, in present times, as we have in our not so distant past. Our leaders of yore held our people together with their “DREAMS” and “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”. But regardless of their methods, their objectives were clear: Lead Blacks to a better place in society, even if their journeys ended with their own demise. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, receive the most notoriety; but there were a plethora of Black Leaders fighting on the front lines and behind closed doors.
Black leaders of yesteryear were conscious of our needs. They were concerned with the advancement of our communities; they sacrificed their lives for their cause. Our Heroes and Heroines knew what was necessary to revitalize our neighborhoods; they took painstaking steps to ensure we succeeded by steering Black children on paths that would lead to positions of purpose and power, in order to continue our fight for the freedoms afforded to every human being. If one searched the annals of Black history, one would be disappointed to see the regression in leadership, and the candidates we have to choose from.
Black leaders today are scarce and self absorbed with there own agendas. One would fail if asked the question, “Name some candidates whom you deem fit to lead Blacks?” I assure you the first name they will utter is Obama; but what people fail to realize is that Obama is a politician. One might suggest Collin Kaepernick, but he never rallied the people to follow him on his quest to stop the killings of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement. Kaepernick allowed Malcolm Jenkins, who had his own hidden agendas, to capitalize off of his stance.
In conclusion, there are, too, many Black leaders in our past to name them all in this composition. If one looked under a rock, there was one; if one looked behind a bush, there was another. They led by example and directed whoever wanted to follow them on the correct path. The so-called Black leaders of today are almost nonexistent, and the ones who have delusions of grandre, about being a leader, are self proclaimed con artists. Oprah Winfrey might be the only one to fit the bill as one of “our” leaders, and perhaps the first Black female President.

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P.S. I was only allotted 500 words tops; I had 789 words, so I had to revise
and edit the entire dissertation. I did the best I could, under the
circumstances, but the first version was the better of the two. But I have
to follow the instructions/rules of the game, so this is the finish product.


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