Kalen Nielsen

WRONGLY CONVICTED OUT OF FEAR (part 2), by Kalen Nielsen

As from part 1: I was trying to talk with my attorney Brady Nicks,about helping me to clear my name. I share what Det.Mays said and done. Shared that there were 2different interviews and that I never seen a recorder or knew the interviews were recorded as well no Miranda warnings were read to me,whether or not I was under arrest or not. I also shared whom was around my children too,so he could do a proper investigation. I even requested a polygraph to show that I was trying to be honest but the attorney refused,saying it’d not be admissible in court. Then he stated he was going to go to the state to see what they had against me,and why I arrested. So when he came back about a month later. He said there was only one interview and on that recording there was no reason to have me arrested or anything incriminating me in the interview. But I insisted that there were 2 interviews and to talk with my girlfriend because she was there. He said he’ll do that and returned a week later saying,he spoken with her and said he spoken with the state,to investigate about this 2nd recorded interview but,they only had 1. I stated there’s something really wrong going on with this Case,I asked to look into the detective because he threatened me? He said he would and was ready to file an aquital on my behalf but,needed to speak with the detective first to see why he asked for me to be arrested. So in the 7th month while in jail still. The attorney came to me and said that Det.Mays brought forward the 2nd recorded interview. I then said,that should be illegal and asked for a motion to be filed for a dismissal because he withheld evidence from the state. I later found out that there were no threats on the 2nd recorded interview and said to the attorney,that the detective did threaten me,ask my girlfriend she heard the threats. But the attorney refused saying the judge Michael Gamble would not grant a dismissal and that my girlfriend could say anything to protect me. I felt that was B.S. Then in December the attorney came to me with a plea agreement from the state with a sentence of 10years DOC and 10 years probation,then said it’s the best they could do because if I went to a trial they’d seek a life sentence if I chosen to go to a trial. After the attorney left I called my girlfriend to share with her the bad news and she got upset and said she’d call the attorney. After I spoke to my girlfriend,I found out that the caregiver was the one who accidentally hurt my son. So I asked my girlfriend to ask the caregiver to write a statement to clear my name,so she had. Also the caregiver tried to call the attorney but his office stated they had no time for her. Then I learned from the caregiver,that no one interviewed her at all. Then I found out that when the caregiver gave my girlfriend the statement of what actually happened,to the attorney but he said,anyone could’ve written that? So on the day of 1/22/15,I tried to tell judge Michael Gamble everything and shared that I felt that I had no choice to plea guilty because I was being forced into a plea,and told him everything,even about how the detective threatened me and that I wasn’t satisfied with the attorney. I was asked if I was in fact guilty,I said No I was not guilty! Then I triedto share that the caregiver was the one who accidentally hurt my son,but the judge didn’t want to believe what I was saying so I said,I had her statement and asked if he could read it,he refused. Then he kept insisting I’d go to trial but,I was in so much Fear that I was scared,that if I chosen to go to trial I would go to prison for life. So I felt that I had no choice! Because I was threatened! My girlfriend contacted several innocence projects after that day. Then I found out from the caregiver that Det.Billy Mays called her to make a verbal threat towards her,”That she had better watch her Back!” Because she came forward to exonerate me. 7days after I was wrongly convicted. We all learned that Det.Billy Mays made an announcement on1/29/15,that he was running for Sheriff of Nelson county. I felt angry because I was used for political gain! Then Karma bit him! When he became indicted 2015/convicted 2016 for,”Fraud”and”Willfull neglect of election duties!” All along I kept insisting he threatened me,but he lied and said he didn’t. On top of all that had gone wrong with this wrongful conviction. The DSS worker resigned only weeks after I was arrested. 37days after I was wrongly convicted judge Michael Gamble retired, 76 days the judge Kenneth Farrar retired, Both States Attorneys Jerome Gress/Anthony Martin resigned,and Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks with a Codefedant Detective Lt Det.Rebecca Adcock were indicted 2015/convicted 2016. So with all this said,I feel that I was used for politics? It crushes my heart because I needed to be a good Father with my children and be supportive of my family. I love my children very much and this hurts alot! I feel if I only knew what the caregiver knew of what had happen while she was caring for my children,then when the Doctors/Det.Mays asked how my son was hurt,I feel that no one would’ve been in trouble,I’d hope? Because what I learned from the caregiver all that happened was done by accidents,she couldn’t predict? (What she told me and wanted the court to know is that she witnessed my daughter trying to pull her brother off of the couch,and she panicked and hurried over to grab my son before he fell. Also she told me she witnessed my daughter rock my son from the recliner and she caught him before he hit the floor,then she told me that the day before he had the seizure,that my daughter rocked her brother off the recliner,but she couldn’t get to him in time because she got stuck behind the gate between the kitchen,as he fell to the floor. All this caused fractured ribs a brain bleed)

Kalen Nielsen
DOC #1612460

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