Steven Moore

Introduction Blog, by Steven Moore

My name is Steven G.Moore
I’m 67 years old
My release date is 8/4/2050

I’ve been in prison now for almost 7 years. I was 61 when I committed my crime. I’ve had a good life but this was not in my retirement plans. I should have read the fine print, when they said 3 meals a day, all utilities paid should have thought something was wrong when it stated fenced in yard. I didn’t read once in, no way out. On a more serious note I’m incarcerated on a murder charge. After being married for 30 years my wife decided she wanted a new life that did not include me. I never seen it coming ,I found out the day she moved from our house into his, and then I found out by phone. It is no excuse for what I did. I thought I was strong enough to handle it. But after taking some programs in here I now know I needed professional help to get me through it. But I destroyed so many lives that night I could never had imagined at the time. It is something I will forever have to live with. I only regret that my wife didn’t talk to me before she made her move, I feel this whole tragedy could have been avoided. But she lives on while we have one deceased and one in prison. If you would like to contact me just go to and sign up to send me emails. Thank You

Steven Moore
DOC #1149687

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