Richard Rush III

Introduction Blog, by Richard Rush III

My name is Richard Rush but all my friends an family call me Richie. Im 26 years old frm Athens Ohio. Im currently in prison at madison correctional institution. i still have a couple years to do, my outdate is September 4,2021 but im in school to get my GED an i get 5 good days a month for that so my outdate changes. Im trying to better my life in everyway possible and get home as soon as possible. im looking for someone to write that mat be looking for insperation an a friend to have to talk to, prison gets lonely sometimes an maybe there is someone out there who also gets lonely although not in prison so if your that person reading this please end me a message an tell me a little about yourself. Alot of people look down on me for being in prison but just because im here doesent meen im a bad person. Alot of people may also look down on me for what im about to tell you but i feel like a new friendship relationship shouldnt have secrets or lies. Im in prison because i had a drug addiction that led to lots of bad decesions which led to prison. Drugs really messed my life up an took lots of years from me sent in prison. But iv been doing everything possible to change my ways an better mself whle being here to prepare mself for the real world an never come back to prison. Like i said before im getting my GED, then i plan to take some collage classes after that, i attend NA meetings twice a week to keep my sobriety, an i go to church every sunday. I do all i can to stay busy an better myself. Im hopeing to find someone who can relate to me an also may need someone to pick them up when there down or maybe just need someone to listen.Im a good listener:). Anyways i dont want this to be to long so im gonna tell you a couple things about myself before i go. I have ni kids but i really want some when the time is right an i have my life together. my favorite kind of music is country, im a country boy at heart an i love jacked up trucks, mud running, an dirtbikes, i love football an im a saints fan. 3 things most important to me is family, sobriety, an loyalty. im loyal to a fault an i alwas try to do the right thing even tho im far from perfect. If i sound like someone you may want to talk to please write me an if anything we will have a nie conversation. but m gonna wrap this up Sincerely Richie

Richard Rush III
DOC #A736021

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