McQueen Varnes


We are surrounded on every side, inside and out by energy waves, and we get to choose at which frequency we broadcast by the thoughts we allow ourselves to think.

In any given situation we have the opportunity to decide how we view it, and once our perception is set then comes the emotional frequency that shall pull to us the very atmosphere these emotions are setting whether we are consciously aware of them or not!

For example, I sat with a good acquaintance of mine at breakfast this morning because I knew he doesn’t eat burritos. As he got up to dump his tray I reached towards his burrito in hopes he would offer it to me. He didn’t.

The burrito got thrown away!

In the past this would have made me an emotional wreck. I would have spent days playing this scenario over and over in my head, feeling sad and rejected, when in reality these delusions really have no merit when it comes to the cosmic Whole.

Today this menial burrito trashing didn’t effect me negatively, as it might have in the past, because I have learned, the hard way I might add, that life doesn’t revolve around me. There are other people in the world too. So I didn’t take it personally.

And wouldn’t you know, someone gave me the very burrito off their tray that I so eagerly desired just a few short minutes ago 🙂

This situation showed me that I have changed frequencies in my life from a negative, selfish, complainer, to a positive, greatful, thankful, imperfect, divine work in progress who will always have the opportunity to grow in the image of my Creator 🙂

McQueen Varnes

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