Mark Blain

HERMENEUTICS (Part 1.1), by Mark Blain

Recommendations of Study Tools, Etc.:
1) Vine’s Expository Dict. of Greek
2) The Language and Imagery, By Caird
3) Aims In Interpretation, By Hirsch
4) Discovering The Bible, By Ralph Eisen
5) The Two Horizons, By A. Thistleton
6) Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
7) Theological Wordbook of the Old Test.,
By R. L. Harris, G. L. Archer, & B. K.
Waltke (Hendrickson)
8) Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew & English
Lexicon (Hendrickson)
9) Basic Greek In 30-Mins. A Day,
By Jim Found
10) NKJV Nelson’s Study Bible, Complete
Study System
11) Edict. of the Christian Church,
By Cross & Livingston
12) The Interlinear Bible, By
J. P. Green
13) A Dict. of Early Christian Beliefs,
By Bercot (Hendrickson)
14) Protestant Biblical Interpretation,
By Bernard Ramm
15) Hermeneutics, By Henry Virkler
16) Evidence For The Resurrection, By
Josh McDowell
17) Wycliffe’s Bible Dictionary
18) Evangelical Dict. of Theology
19) Encyclopedia of Apologetics
20) Encyclopedia Of Christianity
21) The Story of Christianity, By
Justo Gonzales
22) Oxford’s Dict. of the Christian Church
23) How To Read The Bible As Literature,
By Leland Ryken
24) Validity In Interpretation, By
E. D. Hirsch
25) Toward An Exegetical Theology, By
W. C. Kaiser
26) New Testament Interpretation, By
I. H. Marshall
27) Scripture Twisting, By J. W. Sire
28) Interpreting the Bible, B. Mickelson
29) How To Understand Your Bible, By
T. N. Sterrett
30) A Short History of the Interpretation
of the Bible, By Grant and Tracy

As each “Session” arises, there will be other reading necessities, articles, bibliography, etc. You’ll gain considerable enlightenment from these reading assignments. Enjoy!

Course Syllabus Outlining:
I. Introductory Remarks:
A. Phillipine Minister’s Lack of Books
B. “Rap/Wrap Session” Narrative —
Wrapping Paper or Talking.
C. Hermeneutics:
1. Defined – Hermeneutics is the
Science and Art of Biblical
Interpretation. It is a science
because it is guided by rules in a
system; and it is an art because
the application of the rules is by
skill and not mechanics.
2. Its Importance – The need for
hermeneutics is important for
two reasons:
a. to discover the mind (revealed
will) of Yahweh; and
b. to bridge the generation gap.

Objective of this introductory session: By the end of this Session you will be able to understand the nature and requirements of the entire course, and plan your term accordingly.

Course Description – This course introduces the principles and processes by which we understand and apply the meaning of a text, both practically and relevantly to contemporary life situations.

II. Course Aims:
A. To lead you to mastering the procedure for determining what the Bible says, and learn to apply the teachings of Scripture practically. An excellent reference for this aim is: “Study (diligently) to show thyself approved unto Yahweh, a workman who needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word Of Truth.” — II Tim. 2:15, KJV; and
B. To enable you to teach others to do so as well. And an excellent reference for this aim is: “And the things you have heard from me, among many witnesses, be able to teach others also.” — II Tim. 2:2

One must thoroughly [KNOW] Yahweh’s Word, and be subject to His WILL before attempting to apply what one learns from studying Scripture.

Mark Blain
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