Real Man Ministry Class (week 2), by Steven Jennings

Let the journey begin!
Tonight I got the first of 9 books:
”MAXIMIZED MANHOOD” A guide to family survival.
By Edwin Louis Cole

”Being a male is a matter of birth.
Being a man is a matter of choice.”

I like that!
It’s time to be a man. A real man.
And it starts from within. That’s where I find a burning desire.
A desire for a better life full of love and joy.
A desire to maximize my manhood and discover my full potential.

1 Corinthians 10 talks about the five sins that kept the Israelites out of Canaan, a land of Promise and Blessings. These biblical stories have a direct correlation to modern man. Within these stories are powerful, life changing philosophies, principles, and patterns. THAT’S what I’m after! I’m going to implement biblical wisdom and instruction into my daily life.

The key to doing this depends on my ability to translate biblical
lessons to modern times. Specifically…to my life and precise situations.
This will require complete honesty and a level of transparency that
will subject me to extreme vulnerabilities.

Oh well! If that’s what it takes to be a real man and maximize my manhood
to the highest point of prosperity, then that’s what I’m willing to do.

”Hey Jesus! Open up the gates of Canaan, I’m coming in!”

The first of the five sins that’s been holding me back is LUST.
Not a sexual lust, but a lust for success and money that is based
on self gratification at the expense of others. Specifically, Suzie.

When she doesn’t execute a task I give her, I get upset and withdrawal from her. Lust always wants. It’s selfish and destructive. Lust must be replaced with LOVE!

Love gives at the expense of myself.
Lust takes at the expense of Suzie and our marriage.

It’s now clear as to what I need to do:
Eliminate lust and implement LOVE!

The second destructive sin is idolatry.
Idolatry is a value system that I’ve created for myself,
and within that value system my priorities are all wrong!
This keeps me from maximizing my potential
personally, maritally, professionally, and spiritually.

I am more devoted to power, prestige, making money,
popularity, and ego, than I am to my beautiful loving wife
who wants nothing more than my unconditional love.

The answer is clear. I need to get my priorities straight
and devote my life to the teachings of Jesus. I need to connect my spirit
to the spirit of God. Only then will I find balance and maximize my

This sex sin has destroyed many lives.
Just look at all the movements in Hollywood
and other places. Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton,
Harvey Weinstein and millions of others have felt
the wrath of fornication.

I’ve committed fornication in my mind for decades.
And now that I’m conscious of it, I see that it has
weakened my character as I remain underdeveloped
in crucial cognitive areas.

I pray that I can control my mind and desires
as I direct my sexual needs to my wife and my wife only.

I wasn’t sure what this meant or how it affected
my life. Lucky for me, I know how to read!
Now I need to learn how to translate and apply this newly discovered knowledge into my daily life.

Tempting Christ means demanding that God do what is contrary
to His character.

So when I pray for peace, love, harmony, financial success and prosperity, but then live in a manner that is inconsistent with my prayer requests, THAT is tempting Christ. Simply put, I can no longer entertain sin while I’m simultaneously trying to live righteously.

An example of this is in the way I treat my wife when things aren’t going my way. I pray for resolve as I continue to make demands that I feel are necessary for success. I’m learning that I’m the cause of the problems that I’m praying about, and hoping that they’ll go away without me changing my behavior.

I now know what I have to do!

This is the last of the five sins that have been keeping
me out of my Canaan, a place that’s full of peace, love,
harmony, maximum prosperity, and endless blessings.
A place I definitely want to go.

Murmuring is ”negative confessions.”
Such as complaining, criticizing, blaming, gossiping,
finding fault, and things of that nature.

Everyone reaps what they sow.
I know when I face hard times, I brought them upon myself.
I call it ”Harvest Time.” I’m harvesting the seeds I planted.
Everything that happens to me is a direct result of the seeds
I sow.

So yeah, I can definitely see why murmuring
would prevent me from maximizing my manhood
and reaching my full potential.

These five sins are basic to all humanity.
They are the root cause for pain and suffering.

The great news is YOU have the power to change your life
and reach your full potential. Ignorance is no longer an excuse, for you just read this post. You now have the necessary knowledge you need
in order to start an amazing transformation!

God bless you!


Steven Jennings
DOC #727504

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