Eyba Brown


The Southern Gentleman is an extraordinary breed, and I am considered the last of a dying breed. My name is Eyba "Prime Time" Brown, the first name is pronounced E-bay just like the website. The south involuntarily became a place of youthful folly. Born and semi-raised in Houma, Louisiana. Growing up I have lived on both coasts at one point in my youth, but was always attracted to the Pelican State. My step-father was a Marines and acted exactly like Major Payne(the movie). I grew up in places like 29Palms, Ca.; Norfolk, Va.; and Desert Hot Springs, Ca. No matter how interesting these places happened to be I was always drawn back to Louisiana like a moth to a flame. Had I known about the Napoleonic Law, the mass incarceration rate, or the state's motto "Come on vacation, leave on probation", I would have stayed in Cali. However, both parents were Grambling State alumni and being the first born of a 16 year old, I can still remember visiting Gram at 4 and 5 years old being snuck into the girls dorm surrounded by the ladies. I also remember seeing my mother perform in the band at halftime at the Bayou Classic. GSU pumped through my viens like plasma until my senior year in high school. When I experienced things like Freaknic in Atlanta, skip day in Biloxi, and Greek Show Weekend at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. That weekend changed my collegiate goals, and Monday I found myself in the guidance counselors office seeking all information for the University of Sexy Ladies. Sad to say I did not find U.S.L. to be my dream college, and ended up transferring to L.S.U., but being a mediocre student I had to take classes to raise my GPA to become a full student. This was the summer of '97 and it did not end with me getting my grades up and having full admission at LSU, it's conclusion was my one way ticket to LSP, with a 60 years sentence for armed robbery. I constantly wonder how I went from an institution of higher learning to an institution of criminal enlightenment. The Southern Gentleman should not be treated this way. The south has certain Hospitalities that it is known for such as being courteous, polite, and gracious. Ironically, the confederacy was founded in the south that birthed racism, prejudiceness, and bigotry. The Southern Gentleman believes in the home of the free land of the brave. The Southern Hospitality believes in the home of the incarcerated land of the enslaved. Come take a journey with me where I'll show you the inner workings of the Southern Gentleman. Everything that will be written will be factual. Medicracy as a young student of books dissolved into an exceptional older student of books and life, I now have the ability to say what needs to be said. I'm not starting with my case or prison, none of that defines me, I was me before I learned the system's ugly truth. A valuable lesson given to me in the summer of '97. Call it God, kismet, the universal laws, what have you, but the summer of '97 I packed my bags, "I was going back to Cali Cali Cali, I was going back to Cali." The prison doors slammed shut in my face and shouted, "I don't think so!"

Eyba Brown

DOC #397750

Cottonport, Louisiana

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