Major McCormick

It Could All Be So Simple, by Major McCormick

I learned something today that will stick with me a life time. The world is one big optical illusion. Nothing is truly what it seems.. Take for instance. Your own thoughts may cause you anxiety about this or that, or you come up with your own conclusions about something that seems to conclude with a very strong possible ending. We try to assume with calculated adjustments almost everything. If your husband ,wife or etc is late from work more than once or misses a text or phone call frequently… The automatic thought is some one else has their attention. Our natural focus can turn to a negative opinion in seconds. Most of us live our lives this way. 9 out of 10 times What we are worried about never happens, and what happens is usually a simple answer that we never considered. Why is it seemingly that we think wrong things before we think right things about any given circumstance that we do not have control or instant vision or comprehension of. Lets try something today. Think about your biggest worry or problem and fill it with all positive thoughts and out comes for each negative thought think 7 positive ones.

As for what I learned today people tend to hide who they truly are and the truth of their situations from fear of many things; image , pride, what they think others may think of them. And therefore never are percieved for who they are or never can recieve help that they really need. So your friendly neighbor always says Hi with a smile, never has a complaint and carries on as if life is a grand experience. You ask them a favor and it seems they can never help in any form. Not until years later do you find out this neighbor only had a couch to sleep on sit on and beyond this caught a bus to another city and pan handled from sun up to sun down to make the ends meet on his or her couch.. This may seem a little extreme but it is no different than people living outside of their means big fancy cars and houses with barely enough change to make it across town. They have the image of success but they do not enjoy true success.. True success is simple Just be yourself…

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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