Eddie Austin

Introduction Blog, by Edward J Austin

Hello. I’m Austin, I’m 33 years old, African American. I’m making posts with a specific aim. Prison is a mine of minds, where you can find uncut, unshaped, raw diamonds. A place full of talent, ideas and unfocused energy. I would like to use this platform to perhaps interlink with people that are active yet board or board and would like to be active. Someone like Ms. Suzie who provided this very door for us to knock on, (A Do’er). I think this platform will birth all sorts of beautiful situations and outcomes for people. Political, Reform, love, Business etc
I wont lie, i am an ambitious person. Hopefully being open and honest about me can speak to that certain person thats tailored to my or our puzzle. I have a story to tell like everyone else, I wouldn’t mind casual talk, I’m an open book. What I’m interested in however is birthing new and positive ideas. My aspirations involve innovation and ingenuity in the novelty and non obvious realm.
I’m from the state of Ohio. I’ve been incarcerated going on eight years. I’m currently serving two sentences totaling 22 years. My charges are aggravated robbery and kidnapping. I know I know right, typical.
Theirs no excuses, it was a cowardly act and I was wrong. Im certainly not proud of those things but we can all probably say there’s things in life we wish we could take back? I have fully accepted the out come though. As much as I’m needed in the lives of loved ones, this was the price of playing Robbin hood. However I wont shy away, get quite or get embarrassed about this. I do get upset from time to time for that moment of weakness I had. I was trying to cut corners in life. But theres no getting around embracing this chapter now. That has to come standard to get atop of the mountain, not just in front of me but before everyone. However, now I must discover a way to get across the rushing lake before I can even get to the mountain now too.

If theres anyone with just a subatomic partical size of interest please, feel encouraged to to find me on J pay.

Eddie Austin
DOC #614826

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