Antonio Powell

Can’t Let Go, by Antonio Powell (SincerelyBenjiiB)


My Soul leaving but I just can’t let it go,,,My Heart gone why did ever have to let it show,,,,Married to the Game but divorced from the streets but she refused to let me go until I’m Six feet deep,,,Its going to get better this something I know but it hurt to watch’em leave so how do I just let it go,,,Pain running Deeper than a wishing well,,,So many just wished me well,,,I’m still not right my chest getting tight already secluded in a tunnel looking towards the future I just pray that its Bright,,,hands always up and head on a swivel just in case I gotta fight,,,,Simple Questions but the Answers seem so complicated,,, Lost in a cell but you got to stay focused because they gone try to break yo Concentration,,,I was shot 13 times I just kinda of made it Holding on to life I can’t just kinda fake it,,,so I just can’t let go

Antonio Powell
DOC #A750-160

Categories: Antonio Powell, poems

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