Antwan Hood

Morning Cluster, by Antwan Hood

Today I am just amazed at how I can just sit back and just think about one subject for hours and I might have a task that I have to complete I might be preoccupied with the thought or I might even be able to push it to the side and do what I have to only to return back to square one.Today that happened to me matter of fact it happens regularly like once every few months I just zone out on the topic and I am able to see where I was in the past where I am right now and most important my end game.The topic I zone out on was women.Not a total shocker to a man who has been away for an extended period of time but you have some people who are celibate by choice and lead healthy productive lives so when I think about women in general I do a full 360° I think about the ones in my past the ones I come in contact with in here on a regular basis you have two classes the officers and the civilians that’s something I’ll tell you about in a minute and what type I want in the future to build with.I never really had a issue dealing with women I figured this out when I was younger I wasn’t a late bloomer I lost my virginity when I was 12 that was a story in it self she was 15 the crazy thing is I was dealing with her for a few months then her friend told her she liked me then I dealt with her for a few months then her friend told her she liked me then I dealt with her.The crazy part is that we all hung out together everyday I had no problem with that I was the young boy trying new things.What I find funny is after that I have a hiatus till I’m almost 17 and I really didn’t mind I’m selling weed chilling .I admire females and enjoy their company more then a male I have always been that way a majority of my cousins are female it’s always no drama and I always got good advice on women.I remember when I was 18 and I was just playing around with my favorite cousin and she hooked me up with her bestie I got her number and never called her.My cousin chewed me out and she told me I can’t just do things like that it’s not cool then she really broke some things down to me.I was in tune after that. (R.I.P. Deana she passed last February from cancer).After that I always had no problem with meeting women.I like all types of women but if I am in pursuit to satisfy my carnal needs I love curves hips big booty and major thighs I am 6’6 255lbs that’s for my carnal .I like a warm inviting face and someone who is easygoing thats it that is what I am looking for in my life partner.I was zoned out all morning I am focused on getting me together first.I might see a woman that would be my type in jail that is the thing that triggers my mind but some of the women that work inside prison are nutty like planters I keep it respectful and always on topic just cause I know my worth and I know that these women can get you in trouble in the free world so I can just picture in jail.They will try to bait you after they do homework on you its up to you though I am kool better days are not that far away then I can engage how I want so I can appreciate how it should be.

Antwan Hood
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