Rodney Siler

WE THE PEOPLE, by Rodney Siler

We as a people spend too much time separating ourselves, placing each other in their own little box and putting a label on it. Yes, my skin maybe different from yours, but that doesn’t make you any less mybrother nor I yours. We can spend our life time comparing ourselves and weighing the diffences that plagues us or we can see ourselves as brothers and sisters and find the cure to this “DIS-EASE” that has been apart of this nation and apart of our lives since the beginning.
If we are not constructing a viable solution, then we are the ongoing problem. We can not pretend that racism doesn’t exist! In some form everyone is guilty, so there should be no finger pointing. We have spent an eternalty doing that which hasn’t worked, so the intelligent course of action is to do the opposite.
We need leadership and we need more than the status quo who are looking out for themselves. Our true leaders were killed, imprisoned or discredited and now we’re doomed to commit the same mistakes all over again. Our youth is mislead and our elders is dispassioned. We have so much to accomplish, but we don’t have the proper people in place to achieve them. I’m writing this down, knowing that I’v failed my family, friends, and all of you, but I’m not finished just yet, so please don’t count me out. The struggle continues and so does my breath and as long as there is both, I will continue to fight through my words or my actions.

Rodney M. Siler
DOC #312-375

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