Caroline Peoples

Messages, by Caroline Peoples

Messages is such a fitting word to start this dialog. We create them in our body language. We wait to hear them from a higher power. What messages are you giving off ? I am currently giving off a message of enough. Enough with the status quo, everyone watching what everyone else is doing or how they are doing it instead of being authentic. Instead of being right where they are as opposed to pretending to be where somebody else is at. Hiding behind someone else’s mask. Enough with the hate disguised as love. A chick told me “let’s get real.” I said ” oh you about to get real because I am real.” Real is not a mode that I have to get into. Enough! I am sick and tired of these clowns I am forced to be surrounded by. I have reached a level of disgust that normally vomit comes directly after. Just sickened with imitation friends, pastors, and sisters. Now I see why people in prison have such anger and attitudes its not just due to inward misery. Oh no it is because of the outward artificiality that makes up the inmate mind. Delusional mentalities wrapped up in a package of institutional manufactured bullshit. What is the message that you respond to in your life? I ask you the questions that I ask myself. These introspections may not be positive at all times nor is my reaction yet it is very therapeutic to do so. When I leave out of this confinement cell different, changed, and bitter will it be justified or nullified by those I plan to offend. By those I cease to communicate with. Cease to interact with. Cease to pour all of my energy into attempting to help, assist, uplift, encourage, and hold up. As I sit in his cell nowhere are these people who received positive messages from yet in my time of persecution all I receive are asses to kiss. My lips are chapped from dehydration and I refuse to accept that as okay or acceptable. I realize that I sound angry but that is due to me being mad as hell. Aint nobody praying for me. (Kendrick Lamar voice)

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969

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