William McDonald

Free R-Kelly, Free R-Kelly, by William McDonald

In Date: 1/26/17 Out Date: 1/23/27
They need to free R-kelly cause that man didn’t do anything to those girls at all. They just want to take that mans money and his career, they all saying the same thing cause they know if everyone says the same thing, that they will be believed. What I don’t understand is how the parents of the women never got charged for selling there child, they choose to bribe him for money instead of procecuting him if that was true. How do we know if these girls lied about there age at the time and knew they could get him in trouble. And to the older women who came out, y’all knew his past and y’all still decided to mess with him and he didn’t want y’all and now your screaming the same thing. What is the world coming too, this doesn’t make no sencs at all. The truth will come out…….FREE R-KELLY

William McDonald
DOC #A735875

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