Shara Cooper

You Never Know, by Shara Cooper

Wondering if you reach out…
Would you be able to touch someone.
Don’t worry about it,
Reach out anyway.
You Never Know who you may touch.

Pondering if you should let go…
Would you be able to heal someday.
Don’t ponder too hard upon it,
Let go anyway.
You Never Know how whole you may become.

Contemplating if you should go ahead and do…
Would you accomplish that which you desire.
Don’t contemplate too long,
Just do it anyway.
You Never Know the success you may achieve.

There are many things that we won’t know
until we,
reach out… or
let go… or
go and do…
To Know only comes with the experience.

You Never Know what lies ahead.
Are you willing to find out?
I believe it is worth finding out.
Do you?
Would you believe that it is worth finding out too?
Truth is, We Will Never Know until we try.

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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