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peace i pray all is well in ur world i do appreciate ur time ,my name is seven i am 30 years young. i decided to reach out in sreach of support in anyway as well as giving my support mentally, i am serving a 20 year life sentance for murder, to make a long story short i was protecting my family, i am fighting for justice from the injustices that was done to me…fighting by myself n being my biggest support is an up hill battle pulling a wagon with no wheels…i love to write music,poetry,n books….i work out my mind,body n soul daily to become better…i only build to advance…in life its about elevating not stagnanting, so please do not judge me for my worst act i have many great attributes,i am asking for a opportunity to build solid foundations n solid relationships…i know what it takes to accomplish those things dew to the fact i been hurt,abuse n abandon…now that i have illuminated a little about who i am…feel free to contact me mr.travis nettles 735142 at jpay .com or mailing adress at to.c.i.,2001 east central,toledo ohio,43608…u could also countinue to follow me on this blog whom i would like to thank for allowing everyone voice to be herd,,,so with that said i would like to put some words on ur mind n inside ur heart… we may not be able to change r circumstances however we can change the way we experience them..tuff times dnt last tuff ppl do..thanks again for ur time i only wish u well never want to c u fail only prevail through any struggle u may b going through…i end this the same way i begin only in peace…

Travis Nettles
DOC #735142

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