Dustin Hendrix

Cultivating, by Dustin Hendrix

“By cultivating an attitude of friendship towards those who are happy, compassion toward those in distress, joy toward those who are virtuous, and equanimity toward those who are nonvirtuous, lucidity arises in the mind.”

Navigating the daily emotional tide of prison attitudes can be challenging. Some days you may awake to find friendly and happy people, sometimes you find yourself in a whirlwind of emotional instability and chaos. Over the years you may consider strangers you have never met dear friends. Then find out those so-called friends aren’t what they seemed to be.

As the years progress, these men you have come to know will face difficulties in their lives; death of a family member or close childhood friend , cancer of some sort, and even divorce. Which in turn leads to unexpressed emotional frustration.

Finding constructive measures to combat daily negative attitudes can be challenging, however, when it comes to remaining sane in an unsane environment descretion is very important. People will try to discourage you from doing what’s best for your personal development: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical conditions.

“When faced with negative circumstances, we must not be resentful. Instead, we must be forgiving and gracious.”

Tuesday, February 12th. Today I was confronted by an individual who use to be my so-called friend. I remained calm during the brief encounter because I knew the small talk was only to gauge my attitude before requesting a favor. Instead, of allowing him to speak I quickly excused myself from the conversation.

Years of frustration never came into question, nor did I find myself becoming upset or angry. Learning to see the falseshoods before they develop has helped me avoid people who only want some thing because their intention is to use others for their personal gain.

In closing, being humble towards those who have scorned you takes alot of daily practice!!
One day at a time is my new motto. Put on a happy smile and have compassion for the individual who does not seem to understand we all can be happy if we work, live, and love without wanting something in return.


Dustin Hendrix
DOC #a391-649

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