Steven Liner


I’ve been locked down pretty much 20 hours a day for the last 3 n half years of my life I jus recently found out they were dropping my security level to a level 2…which more then likely means open dorms as I sit here n think about the whole situation I dunno if I’m ready or able to adapt to an open dorm setting…I’ve done this cell for so long its almost as if its become my comfort zone which brings up another thing messing with my mind….my release date is in 8 months (October 2019)….its makes me stop n think if something like going to an open dorm setting is causing this much anxiety n making me this nervous, hw I. the hell am I gonna b ready to go home!?! am I institutionalized!?! its a situation I watched play out with my dad my whole life….he’d come home, b home for a few months n go right back. it wz like he wz never really able to adapt back to society….and in all honesty it scares me…I don’t wanna live my life like that I don’t want my kids to go through what I went through….hw do I overcome this!?! its a question I rattle my brain with every night…….
any suggestions…..I’d greatly appreciate any n all!!!! I don’t really have anybody out there to check comments left so please feel free to jpay me…..once again I greatly appreciate any n all advice/suggestions…

Steven Liner
DOC #721-203


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