Twenty Years Later or Right On Time, by John L. Seay

At 18 what does He know about love or being at his best.
Thought he’d found the “one”, until she broke that thingy that beats in his chest.

Perfect boyfriend he wasn’t, but that love he had for her, that was real.
Talking bout til death do us part, at least that’s what he supposed was the deal.

Enter a crazy person, what happened to us, how did we turn into three.
She was what he truly wanted, but all he heard was I can’t do it, let me be.

Only one problem now, he’s got this ring and no finger to out it on, for his girl is gone, moved on.
Now his eyes water for he saw her with another, where has their love gone.

Guess his heart lied cause its as if they never mattered at all.
Struggling to process his feelings, wishing for her to page or just give him a call.

Pride won’t let him chase after his princess that he’s lost.
Ego wounded, so he settles, now look at what that’s cost.

Over the years he’s often wondered, what happened to his first love.
Fast forward two decades, now both at 38, out of nowhere she appears like a dove.

A few emails and calls later, that thingy she broke in his chest, its working again.
One word “Wow”, you remember me, stop playin how could he forget, my love where have you been.

Now you tell him how you felt and what you’re feeling.
God knows he wants this to be real, cause his heart has been reeling.

Though he remembers being blindsided, those wounds and all that he felt.
Questioning is this all a game, or something destiny has dealt.

Trust issues he has, separated by fences and guards, distance and space.
Time they cannot recover, however he’s looking to reclaim his place.

Lord, all he wants is to take her on another date.
To do what they enjoyed so much, enter each others arms and mate.

All these years later and she still has his heart, how can it be.
Has to be a dream cause does your love really belong to me…..

Reading her words, hearing her voice and he’s falling, mind says its to good to be true.
He wants happy ever after, cause his hearts saying I’ve Missed YOU!

Baby girl please, shadow you could never be.
For when he closes his eyes you’re all he can see.

Whatever life has to offer, he wishes they can experience it together.
There may be some storms along the way, but he has faith they’ll navigate the weather.

He’s learned love cures all, therefore let love lead our way.
Twenty years later or right on time, either way all he had to do was pray.

Stacey is the answer to his prayers and what a journey to track.
John doesn’t question any of it, for he has his girl back.

John L. Seay
DOC #1186157


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