Antwan Hood

Jpay, by Antwan Hood

I don’t know how the system came about but it’s just another cog in the wheel of the big business of d.o.c.. The system has so many flaws in it it doesn’t make any sense.First and foremost I heard about the bs that the people go thru with the system before I ever purchased a tablet(red flag).When people buy music and go to download more music sometimes it wipes out all the music and it takes hours to get back.Familys are having problems downloading pictures on the app but they wanna sell the required postage to send the message and the picture.Some are just having problems downloading the app period and that is more bs I think.The start of the information age has been here d.o.c. is just catching up but what they are doing is foul and I think it needs to stop.They are all saying that we need criminal reform yes that should be addressed from every angle. The bail reform was a start,you have Robert Kraft ,Meek Mill, and Jay Z doing their own thing and thats kool that’s a start but me being a prisoner right now and can see and feel what’s going on I think that they should stop making money of the backs of people that are not in the best situation right now just because they want to maintaine family ties. I think a better system then Jpay can occur with services that are paid for and ones that are also free.They. say that jail is about paying your debt to society and rehabilitation the contact with your loved ones play a major role in that also but all they see is dollar signs .I was just expressing the way I felt recently to another inmate someone I thought had a lil bit more common sense then others and the resistance I was met with just of the thought of the idea of someone creating a new system was shocking who knows what we need better then us his pessimistic attitude wasn’t needed I am a dreamer/millennial it might take a lil bit due to my current situation but I will shoot my ideas out there what’s the worst that can happen?#ShipuporshipoutJpay

Antwan Hood
DOC #967018/451232c


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  1. Yeah, don’t get me started on JPay… I’m engaged to a beautiful lady behind bars and we talk through JPay and it’s a freaking pain in the ass to send even short messages because and forth because they take FOREVER to process. I don’t have any other choice though.


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