Shara Cooper

Incarcerated But Not Incarcerated, by Shara Cooper

Not incarcerated.
We have more people in a prison even when their body is not physically there.

Statistics say that there are approximately 2 million people incarcerated in the U.S.
Truth be told, the numbers for the incarcerated should be far higher.

In prison in their minds
Even when they are outside of a prison in their lives.
There are walls that keep them locked inside.
Unable to be free, think free, or live truly free.
Steele bars, lots of wires, and fences all around
Their hearts, minds, and emotions.
The soul is locked inside of a prison
Simply because they refuse to LET IT GO.

“It” being that hurt, that person, that disappoinment, that sadness.
“It” being the very thing that caused a grief to the soul of the individual where they find it so difficult to LET GO.
“It” being the very situation or thing that continues to plague and control your soul years later. The very thing that you need to LET GO.
That is if you want to be free.

It is envitable that in life
You will be hurt. You will experience disappointment. You will suffer wrong done unto you.
Hurts, disappointments, and wrongs, all from the likes of people.

Likewise, it is inevitable that in life
You will hurt someone’s feelings. You will be a disappoinment to another. You will cause wrong to another, be it intentional or unintentional.
Being hurt and/or hurting another is bound to occur in this life. It’s inevitable.

It is all in the what you do with the hurt and the disappointment, the anger and the sorrow, that makes you a person incarcerated or not.
Don’t be fooled, It is not all about the physical body.
It is however, all about the mind, heart, and emotions.
The soul that can find itself incarcerated too.

One can only be free and remain free
If you make the choice to LET IT GO!
LET GO of the hurt.
LET GO of the disappoinment.
LET GO of the pain and sorrow.
Yes, easier said then done.
But if one wants to be free they will do whatever it takes to get it done.
However long it may take.
No matter how difficult the struggle may be.
To be incarcerated is a choice of the will for us all.

Incarcerated But Not Incarcerated.
It’s a said place to be,
When freedom is readily available for all to recieve.
Freedom can and will only come when we choose to LET IT GO!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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