Eddie Bean

Up All Night!!! by Eddie Bean

Well First and foremost I would like to wish all of you that are reading a Happy New Year!!!! Yes it is 2019 And I’m One year closer to going home. To me just with that being said is a reason to celebrate and rejoice!!!! I’m in Lebanon Correctional Institution its 1:30A.M. Can’t sleep my mind is racing about all kinds of things…….. I’m really trying this year to put myself out here to meet new people and make new friends, its really been so long scince I’ve had any real outside contact with people in the free world in society!!!! I’m tired of all the tough guy shit, tired of always having my guard up and portraying to be someone I’m not for an image I must uphold to keep myself safe and out of harms way!!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m losing touch of who I am as myself, who I am as a man, and most of all who I am and need to be for me and my family, so many people really don’t understand that loyalty and friendship are so very important to the inmate locked Behind bars……. Most friends become an out of site out of mind type deal, its easy for us to get lost in this bubble without the right support system and a loyal friendship base, outside contact keeps guys like me and many others sane!!!!! without u all out there making an effort to reach out or extend a hand all I hear is noise, negative noise that never stops……. criminals don’t stop being criminals because they get incarcerated, they continue to be the same negative people they were out there in here as well, and for those of us who want change and growth…… a lack of support from the streets forces me to deal with such people on a daily!!!!l Growing up I consistintly heard “Eddie Remember u are who u hang around” Well if that holds any truth then by no choice of my own I am still very much a criminal…….. I bunk with a criminal, as I walk out my cell I walk to chow with criminals, gang members, murderers, I rec and work with all of the above…… We all have nothing to talk about but the same old things that happen day in and day out, Agian unless members of society embrace there selves to understand and build with me for a time and write or contact me and others!!!! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, yes I am a person who has broke the law, but that don’t define me nor will I let a mistake I made when I was 21 years old define or hold me back as a man that is now 33 years old!!! Many nights staring at these white brick walls have helped me understand how precious our freedom is…….. What I wouldn’t give for the very things most people take for granted every single day!!!!! Real talk!!!! What I wouldn’t give to take back my wrong doings and spend time with a nice person I can show how precious love and tender care really are!!!! Men these days aren’t satisfied with what I would kill for to even have the chance to have in front of my face!!!! I’m loyal and faithful to all friends, spouses, loved ones, one women is enough for me, loyalty is so scarce these days……. I don’t get it!!!!! loyalty and self control build charactor as to becoming a man, A man these young beautiful women NEED in there lives to help build a family and set an example for these children!!!! These women need Men not Boys, they better be careful because I have plenty to give to fill the shoes of a slacker!!! well just venting and thought I would share some of my mental if y’all wanna Holland back my info is here

Eddie Bean #544-707
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH, 45036

Holla at ya boy!!!

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