Ali Jabbaar

The Lord Hears My (our) Cry, by Ali Ace Jabbaar

Best Birthday in a long time. I received gifts that i I know is going to keep on giving. My middle son in foster care wrote me on jpay and sent me a video on my aunts account. You just don’t know how long its been just to make that happen. How hard they (the system and his new foster mom parent) made it for my son to reconnect with family. But I’m thankful the ice has been broken. And it was the best surprised gift to received mail from my son and my most supportive aunty.
With that gift, my son updated me on his sister, my daughter. Lol. Gets its too much for “them” to update me. The gift from that I now know at least two of my kids have had each other in some way. Nothing can take my joy.
Thru every dark night, there is a brighter day. My dark nights gave weeks to my brighter days.
This year, I didn’t keep my bday a secret as I usually do in prison. I can’t lie, it felt real good to receive the love.
As I been doing a lot of thinking, taking my blessings in stride, I have been putting a lot more things in perspective. Like, as much I dislike prison and false realities, the reality is that while doing time with others, sometimes we’re all we got. I be pushing people away not realizing they may be just needing a shoulder to lean on just to make it thru the day. And I’m probably better off trying to find comfort within instead of stressing about the outside… Within doesn’t always necessarily mean prison but within the tools that God provides. I need to erase the flaw of trying to find my own way and really just let go and Let God.

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

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