Jermaine McCullum

BROKEN ILLUSIONS, by Jermaine McCullum

Hey my name is Jermaine McCullum this is my first time blogging,so i just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts.The reason I call this Broken Illusions is because,as the days grow into years while incarcerated our illusions become broken.Broken and distorted.I’ve come to the realization that who doesn’t look for you doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you.Is that a true assumption or a broken illusion from distorted time? Seeing two sides of life make you have two perceptions on how to walk, and is the things that are broken can they be made in one piece even if a few pieces are lost?And can you find beauty in a broken illusion?I hope as you read this your broken illusion become clear and we as one can find a way to create a better!……Im 23 years old and I have been incarcerated since 12-18-17 my out day is 9-25-2025 but Im eligible for early release in 2022.IF you wnat too know more about me you can contact me on my inmate number is 750-898

Jermaine McCullum
DOC #750-898

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