John Hudson

by John Hudson

Hello ,
Well I turned 33 today! Some b-day huh? It was kinda depressing for real! I slept all day so I didn’t have to think about the fact that I’ve lost another year that I’ll NEVER get back! I may never get it back but I can make up for it! I did write a new song today that I’d like to share! I’d love to hear what you think!
Do take note that everything I write is original, from the heart and based off my own personal feelings or from my own experiences! This one I will call……..

Can’t Let Em Get To Me
can’t let em can’t let em get to me all of these things don’t make sense to me
surround me like demons my enemies, breaking me down in my mental see
Im fighting with noone defending me They locked me away without any key
pray my kids are forgiving me for not being the dad they need me to be
Can’t let this system dictate what I’ll do, I can’t let these haterz to see my next move
I can’t let my pride to disguise all my pain and I can’t let my pain to cloud all my views
I can’t let it can’t let it get to me If I do then my life will be history
My what could of beens will be mysteries I’ll become nothing but distant memories
I refuse to be broken so I stay humble I won’t let it get to me tho I will stumble
I won’t be knocked down or brought to one knee I will fight on my feet and my walls will not crumble
I can’t let em can’t let get to me cuz one day I’ll surpass the fences see
all the foolishness you say don’t mean shit to me
cuz in the end I will rise with the victory (Ahhh)

John Hudson
DOC #572-824


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