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My name is Antwan Hood I am a 35 year old male on the last leg of a 9year 4year minimum bid. I have been down 5years come April with only a lil while longer to go October would be the earliest I can go February would be the maximum that I would be kept thas kool with me because no matter how I look at it my journey here is almost over and a new one will emerge. When that does take place that is going to be the real adventure. I spent my whole life living a illegal lifestyle certain things passed me by but now that I have been experiencing life from a new perspective I have evolved into a whole new person that I can say I am pleased with.Some people may say they have changed and I hope that is their truth I can only speak for myself. I knew my change was real in 2014 when I was in a place again that I told myself I would never revisit. The icing on the cake was the seperation from my loved ones and I again missed out on a period in their lives that they went through without me and I can never get that time to grow and make memories with them,that ship has sailed. I am o.k. with that because that helped in a way that made me more aware of how I conduct myself and how me being away from my loved really takes a toll on more then just me.
Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to entertain my thoughts

Antwan Hood
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  1. Thank you for writing about yourself and your circumstances. I hope things work out well for you when you’re released. I know it’ll be hard, I know things may end up differently from what you envision now (your plans to buy a house, for example), but success comes in many different ways.


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