Dennis Watson

WTF!!! by Dennis Watson

Damn, institutionalized should come in a can because it’s so common… After you’ve spent a considrable amount of time doing this shit you should be psychiatrically evaluated… Wow, what the fuck! I’ve heard everything from exotic animals & white people having sex with them… To dumb ass hypothetical questions that make absolutely no sense to a rational person… I’m very witty, & have the best sense of humor considering the circumstances I’m in right now… I don’t EVER want to end up like that… Being here so long the dementia starts to take hold & I can’t remember where I sleep half the time… Some people have been here so long that they don’t even want to leave because they’re stuck with nowhere to go, & everyone in there family has passed on… Not me though, fuck that shit! Give me a couple of good years alone before I choose to die in here… The worst shit is making an excuse to be gay… Don’t let that be the reason you bite the bullet & decide to be a prison stereotype… Be there’s a lot of people that thing everyone that’s been incarcerated is gay, & it’s not the case… I love pussy! on my waist & in my face, just the feel, shape, & softness of a woman beautiful to me… Don’t get me wrong, or misunderstand me, I don’t have “homophobia”, but I’m straight as they come… I just would expect all parties to respect the choices I make as a man… The very reason my nasty ass is sitting here watching college gymnastics on ESPN… I love women, PERIOD!!! I know prison makes you have a greater appreciation for them… I can only speak for self when I say that, because some are assholes when it comes down it… I don’t understand a lot of things, especially when a trap has been set for them to draw you in with elementary bait… Videogames, tablet phones, & the main thing they won’t give us is conjugal visits… Fuck that though, let me out of here… I hate men, especially Caucasians, with the exception of a few… I’m not racist, but the police did it for me & lets be real right now… When they get around there “own kind” certain words & mannerisms get to flying out of their mouths… I’ve caught a couple, doing it, but overall, not to be trusted… This goes for the women too, no exception… Don’t get me wrong I have mixed children, but my perceptions have changed given the outcome of life thus far… It’ll take a certain type of woman with lighter pigmentation to convince me they won’t do the same thing there men do… This isn’t a stereotype, this is personal experience… I’ve dated plenty of women, of all shades, & I say Hispanics & black women’s loyalties are higher when you do right by them… With that being said, I’m still in prison, WTF!!! I think I need some sort of relief at this point of life… At the end of the day, stay the fuck out of trouble if you stay in it… Be careful how you handle your children, because they’ll lock you up for mistakes too…. Trust, I know 1st hand what they do when they think no options are available & assumptions are high… Don’t trust police, never talk to them, because the truth can incriminate you too… Shut the fuck up when you get arrested, make them work for their shitty pay!!! You’ll find out whose really in your corner when the chips are down… Don’t argue with what they don’t do, believe every bit of silence they give you… Straight up, no chaser…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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