Michael Price

Like You, by Michael Price

Like you?!.That’s what started it all…I aspired to be like you and had all the ambition and drive to ball…then out of nowhere something clicked and things changed and I was inspired to Ball…Like you is what I should have pursued…but being young and dumb the money that was presented had me stuck in the streets I mean glued…I should have stayed on my game and put in the extra work to get to that next level… but I practiced more on my Game and played against the Devil… I should have been more like you and kept a positive outlook on what was a man is suppose to be…maybe I wouldn’t have ended up being what you see…now never get it confused what you see is a man…but the better version is better fit to be moving and building his family with the format from JAH’s plan…All praises to The Most High for He told me to be like you.. But it took me a while to clear the fogg from my lenses before I could get a better view…some may say it’s to late…me I say I’m right on time because now I told you that I’m following his plan and you know whats said He is always on time for He is know for being great!..Like you is what I’ve always wanted to be… but I got in our way and I became me…thank you for being you cause if I had not been you…I would never have became the blessed man that you see!

Thank you to everyone that is reading this and Jah bless!
Contact info:

Michael Price #A411-359
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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