Antonio Powell

Poem//Spokenword, by ANTONIO POWELL

“I Miss You” By: SincerelyBenjiiB

“I Miss You” A word that says despite time ,distance and circumstances,, I am Thinking of you && the way I miss you is immeasurable, you should know exactly how deep my love flow for you because you are the key to parts of myself that was inaccessible before you,,,but you lack the Understanding that you’ll see me again I’m not Gone Forever that much is guaranteed .Time doesn’t exist in here ,so when we are reunited its going to feel as if the separation never existed but I kno some days feel long and some are harder than others and Tears will fall from your beautiful face and I’m sorry I’m not there to wipe them like before in those endless nights I pray those type of days don’t last long for you because believe it or not I’m still Right here and I Always && Forever will be And that’s My Word
Loyalty. Out.Values. Everything That’s Love

(when you change your thoughts,,,you transform your life)

#StayWoke. #Keep”Striving R.B.A.C

DOC #A750160

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